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Bob Johnson Appraisals

Experience you can trust.

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Appraisal Advantage

  • Fair Market Value

  • Liquidation Value

  • Insurance Value

  • Sale Price Value

  • Private Treaty Value

  • Equitable Distributions for Divorce, Estate and Probate Dispositions

  • Farm and Ranch Equipment Valuation for Auctions and Liquidation

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  • Expert Personal Property Appraisals

  • Expert Witness Testimony and Depositions

  • Insurance Underwriting and Claim Dispute Valuation

  • Equitable Distributions for Divorce, Estate and Probate Dispositions

  • Evaluation of Opposing Appraisals and Interrogatory Questions

  • Assistance in Rebuttal Preparation Regarding Valuation

  • Valuation for FDIC Secured Loans/Collateral for all Lending Institutions

  • Assistance in Preparation of Rebuttal Questions for Client's Attorney

  • IRS Appraisal Valuation for Charitable Contributions over $5,000

  • IRS Inquiries and Audit Assistance and Expert Testimony

  • Farm and Ranch Equipment Valuation

  • Livestock Valuation

  • Dairy Herd Valuation

  • Equine Valuation

  • (Not licensed for Real Estate)

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Appraisal Certifications

Certified Appraisers Guild of America


The Certified Appraisers Guild of America is a professional accrediting organization providing certification of personal property appraisers. CAGA is North America's number one trainer of personal property appraisers.

CAGA members are professionals who have completed the certification process and have committed to the Certified Appraisers Guild's Code of Professional Ethics and to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

CAGA members are required to attend professional training and pass an intensive written exam before being certified. Special emphasis includes IRS appraisal requirements, estate and gift appraisals, charitable donation appraisals, bankruptcy appraisals, insurance appraisals, appraisals for divorce, and casualty loss appraisals. Members are required to attend the courtroom expert witness seminar with special emphasis on appraisals for courts and testifying in court.

American Society of Agriculture Appraisers


       American Society of Farm Equipment Appraisers #05019

       International Society of Livestock Appraisers #05092

       American Society of Equine Appraisers #03721

       American Society of Dairy Herd Appraisers #03721

The American Society of Agricultural Appraisers offers the only Appraiser Qualifications Board (AQB) approved courses in the country. Formal ASAA accreditation is predicated on technical appraisal proficiency, intensive written examination, and an in-depth understanding of appraisal ethics, principles, and concepts.

Certification in appraising, issued by the only accredited agricultural and equine appraisal society in the country, is a very strong indicator of credibility. When you hire an accredited personal property appraiser who complies with all mandatory IRS regulations, you are assured of the best valuation experience in the industry.

ASAA Certified appraisers bring knowledge of the market and professional expertise to each and every assignment. They are educated and experienced in their fields and can deliver independent valuations that ensure your property is appraised properly.

Appraiser Qualifications Board


The AQB is the highest government mandated regulating authority for personal property appraisal.

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